Sunday, February 13, 2005

Healing, with love (photos)

Healing, with love
The Iraq war made Joey Bozik a triple amputee. Hope makes him whole

Joey Bozik and his wife, Jayme, relax in their room at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. They were married New Year's Eve, a little more than two months after Bozik, a soldier based at Fort Bragg, lost both legs and his right arm when his Humvee rolled over a bomb in Iraq.
Staff Photo by Ethan Hyman

By VALERIE BAUERLEIN, Washington Correspondent

WASHINGTON -- Joey Bozik crosses his one arm over his body, rifles his backpack for his pillbox. He flips the compartment with his thumb, throws back his head and pops the morphine pill into his mouth.
His wife does not reach to help him.

She stands behind his wheelchair, ruffling his buzz cut. The silver ring on her left hand, gleaming like a chrome bumper, is identical to the one on his left. The rings are six weeks old, but he can wear his only now, just before Valentine's Day, because the swelling has gone down on his remaining fingers.

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