Sunday, March 13, 2005

Bionic US troops go back to war

March 13, 2005

Bionic US troops go back to war
Sarah Baxter, New York
Amputees returning to frontline duty can outrun the rest of the regiment on their high-tech legs

IN A US military camp on the Kuwaiti border, Captain David Rozelle is waiting for the order to lead the soldiers under his command into Iraq for a new tour of duty.

A cavalry officer, Rozelle lost his right foot in 2003 in Iraq when a mine planted in a dirt road exploded under his Humvee. After a gruelling recovery, he is the first amputee to return to combat duty in Iraq.
Up to 40% of injured servicemen are expected to return to active duty, according to Chuck Scoville, administrator of the amputee wing at Walter Reed: “A lot of the guys want to stay. They are just amazing.”

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