Sunday, April 10, 2005

Bound by sports, wounds of war

Bound by sports, wounds of war
Soldier-athletes share the grief of lost limbs

By Juliet Macur
The New York Times

April 10, 2005

WASHINGTON ยท For 25 days at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Spc. Danielle Green wondered if anyone could ever understand. But on the 26th day, a nurse told her: "A new female patient came in today. You have a lot in common."

"Really?" Green said, and the nurse nodded.

Like Green, the new patient was a 20-something firecracker, a 5-foot-8 former college basketball player, an Army soldier in the military police serving in Iraq.

Like Green, she also knew how it felt to have a rocket-propelled grenade shoot through her arm. Green's left hand had been torn off.

In the intensive care unit one floor below, 1st Lt. Dawn Halfaker lay in a coma, battered and swollen after surviving an ambush. Her right arm was attached to her body by sinews.

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