Sunday, May 29, 2005

Wounded in Iraq, a Marine bravely rebuilds his life

Wounded in Iraq, a Marine bravely rebuilds his life

Cpl. Mark P. O'Brien of East Aurora has overcome injury and depression to find a new life and new ways to help others damaged by war

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Derek Gee/Buffalo News
In a reunion tinged with sadness and triumph for everyone involved, Echo Company marches past Cpl. Mark P. O'Brien on his way to see his fellow marines from Golf Company during their March homecoming at Camp Pendleton, Calif.

Three days after losing two limbs to an enemy grenade, and minutes after handing his parents the note that said "I have no regrets," Marine Cpl. Mark P. O'Brien wrote another note.
"Don't cry," it said. "I'm going to learn from this. And I'm going to teach others."

Those words would come to define O'Brien's next six months and, he hopes, his next few decades.

Learning wasn't easy at first, to say nothing of teaching. Late last fall, O'Brien found himself in a wheelchair, facing long months of repetitive rehabilitation, and enduring overwhelming pain shooting through the missing arm and the leg.

While visiting his parents over the holidays, he broke down crying.

"The only thing I want for Christmas," he said, "is my arm and my leg."

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The bravery you have shown will get you so far. Keep pushing for your dreams, they still can come true.


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