Friday, July 29, 2005

'Over There' Brings War Home

'Over There' brings war home
By Chuck Barney

The midday sun beats down relentlessly on the bristled hills and dusty gulches just outside the Southern California city of Chatsworth. It's an austere, hardscrabble patch of earth that likely would draw scant attention if not for the fact that a film crew has gathered here to make some television history.

"It's one thing to be out here in shorts and sandals, but it's something entirely different to be in full military gear, and lugging around a heavy weapon, and have the sweat dripping into your eyes," says Omid Abtahi, an actor who plays a young U.S. soldier in the powerful new war drama "Over There." "But you don't gripe about it because we have a responsibility to make it as real as possible."

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