Monday, October 02, 2006

Medical Articles about Amputation

October's Articles
The NLLIC is now providing results of a monthly search on amputation and related topics from National Library of Medicine's PubMed© on the web. The purpose of this list is to highlight professional literature on the subject of amputation. If you would like to receive this list via email, contact Molly Moore at
Search topics include cancer, congenital limb deficiency, diabetes, dysvascular disease, outcomes research, prosthetics and orthotics, rehabilitation, surgery, trauma and secondary conditions such as pain, obesity, and smoking.
Abstracts with links to NLM's PubMed© are also available on the ACA web site's online library, an invaluable resource for amputees, medical professionals, and others with limb loss that are seeking specific information. Use the keyword search "PubMed" to find all related articles


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