Saturday, January 13, 2007

Wounds of war

Wounds of war
Soldier, family find it's long road back to health
By Anita Creamer - Bee Columnist

SAN ANTONIO -- A baby-faced serviceman in a sweat shirt sits on a couch in the lobby of Brooke Army Medical Center. He's missing the lower part of his right leg. Past the security check-in and the big bank of elevators, another amputee wheels his way down the first floor hallway. And a teenage Marine -- his face mottled with burn scars, with stumps where his arms and legs used to be -- glides in to occupational therapy in his motorized wheelchair. From the hallway, the overheard conversation of two doctors: "What's up?" "Just doing wounded warrior rounds."
Staff Sgt. Jason March lurches in for his morning exercises, leaning on a cane, a lopsided smile on his face. He wears a crash helmet to protect his head.
He knows he's one of the lucky ones.

Staff Sgt. Jason March -bk righ leg


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