Sunday, February 25, 2007

McFeatters: Medical miracles, bureaucratic nightmares at Walter

McFeatters: Medical miracles, bureaucratic nightmares at Walter ReedBy Ann McFeatters/Syndicated columnist
Sunday, February 25, 2007 - Updated: 12:19 AM EST

WASHINGTON - A day at Walter Reed Army Medical Center is an eye-opener - about our soldiers, our government generally and the Bush administration.
I visited the renowned hospital complex after The Washington Post ran a series of articles exposing serious problems at the center, where as many as one-fourth of our injured soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan are treated. The halls are swarming with the wounded and their families. Residential facilities for recuperating soldiers and their spouses have a long waiting list.
The Post reported that soldiers are housed in deteriorated conditions of mold, mice infestations, disrepair and inadequate facilities for amputees. Depression and post-traumatic stress syndrome are often overlooked. Nightmarish paperwork stymies even the most aggressive.


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