Monday, March 05, 2007

Shameful treatment of injured GIs should have us up in arms

Shameful treatment of injured GIs should have us up in arms
March 4, 2007
Support our troops: It's a sentiment you can subscribe to fully whether or not you want those troops to be on the battlefield, which, in the case of the profoundly painful, perplexing conflict in Iraq, can take the form of a roadway or public square or food market. It's also a sentiment you can get behind in calling for the proper treatment of wounded GIs when they return home. Shockingly, many soldiers who made a physical sacrifice for their country in Iraq and Afghanistan have been denied that kind of support at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the country's best-known facility for the treatment of veterans.
Embarrassed by a series of reports in the Washington Post on the substandard outpatient conditions at Walter Reed, and investigations by Congress and the Army itself, the military fired Maj. Gen. George W. Weightman, who was in charge of the hospital, and Army Secretary Francis Harvey resigned. President Bush pledged to name a bipartisan commission to review the level of care our wounded servicemen and women are receiving at all such facilities.

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