Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Profile: Marine "Spanky" Gibson an inspiration to others

Profile: Marine "Spanky" Gibson an inspiration to others
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13 April 2008
NBC News: Nightly News
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LESTER HOLT, anchor:

This has been the deadliest week of the year for US forces in Iraq. The Marine you're about to meet knows all too well what can happen in the war zone. But as NBC's Ned Colt reports, Gunnery Sergeant William Gibson, known to his fellow Marines as Spanky, has become an inspiration to others as he returns for another tour of duty.

NED COLT reporting:

Two months shy of his 37th birthday and Marine Gunnery Sergeant "Spanky" Gibson still has a spring in his step.

So what's it like to be back?

Gunnery Sergeant WILLIAM "SPANKY" GIBSON: It's outstanding. It's awesome to be back here amongst my Marines, combat zone. It's a circle of recovery.

COLT: Two years ago no one, including Spanky, ever dreamed he'd be back. Then he was on the front line near Ramadi leading a squad, calling in air support to root out insurgents.

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