Friday, January 21, 2005

Diabled Support System (

On April 30, 2004, the Department of the Army introduced a Disabled Soldier Support System (DS3) Initiative that provides its severely disabled Soldiers and their families with a system of advocacy and follow-up with personal support to assist them as they transition from military service to the civilian community.

The DS3 incorporates and integrates several existing programs to provide holistic support services for our severely disabled Soldiers and their families throughout their phased progression from initial casualty notification to their return to home station and home destination. In addition, DS3 is a system to track and monitor our severely disabled Soldiers for a period of time beyond their medical retirement in order to provide appropriate assistance through an array of existing service providers.

DS3 serves as the advocate for the Army’s severely disabled Soldiers and their families. DS3 facilitates communication and coordination between severely disabled Soldiers and their families and the pertinent local, Federal and national agencies and organizations, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs and the many commendable Veteran’s Service Organizations, in much the same way Soldiers use their chain of command to resolve issues.

Key elements of the DS3 include providing a network of resources not limited to Army installations or component, be it active or reserve, to ensure responsiveness and availability of support services. Although DS3 is centrally managed at Department of the Army Headquarters, there are designated regional DS3 Coordinators that will interface on behalf of the Soldiers and families with the local and regional resources.

The benefits of those enrolled are tremendous. Severely disabled Soldiers and families are able to better understand what their future holds and how to access services they may require through the assistance of a dedicated advocate.

The Army’s goal for DS3 is for it to work in concert with other key organizations to ensure that our disabled Soldiers and families are give the care, support and assistance they so rightly deserve for their selfless service and sacrifice to our nation. Photos


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