Monday, February 14, 2005

C-Leg offers hope for those missing knee

C-Leg offers hope for those missing knee
By Ed Koch


Alicia Karau is one of 3,500 U.S. residents and 5,000 above-the-knee amputees worldwide who are benefitting from C-Leg technology.

C-Leg, a computer-controlled prostheses made of titanium and carbon, is a product of the Minneapolis-based Otto Bock HealthCare company that has been manufacturing prosthetic devices since it was founded in Germany in 1919.

The C-Leg, introduced in 1999, is described by the company as "a quantum leap" in the improvement of lower limb prosthetics. The "C" stands for computer.


The company says, to date, 68 soldiers wounded in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been fitted for C-Legs.

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