Saturday, April 16, 2005

In Iraq, he lost a leg; here, he has a new life

In Iraq, he lost a leg; here, he has a new life

Eagle Washington bureau

WASHINGTON - Capt. Lonnie Moore ambled down a street in a Maryland suburb, past a Borders bookstore a few blocks from Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

"That's probably my favorite place to hang out," Moore said. "I'll spend an afternoon, reading. I used to look at the people in Borders and think, 'All those hippie beatniks.' And here I am."

But this time he kept walking, to a tuxedo shop down the block, where he needed to rent an outfit for a Wounded Warrior Project ball in New York. Moore might need to give a speech -- he's a spokesman for the group -- so he needed to get errands done beforehand. He walked, and walked, marching with a noticeable limp but at a pretty normal pace.

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