Friday, April 22, 2005

Volunteers sought for two studies at VA hospital

Volunteers sought for two studies at VA hospital
01:00 AM EDT on Monday, April 11, 2005

Planning for two research studies is under way at the VA Medical Center on Chalkstone Avenue in Providence, according to Jim Burrows, director of communication. The first involves amputees and the second seeks to learn more about the experiences of injured soldiers coming back from war.

One research study invites old and new amputees to report how they are managing with prosthetic limbs . The study will measure health, quality of life and mobility.

During two visits, for which volunteers will be compensated $20 per session, veterans with lower limb loss will answer questions about the use, wear and comfort of their artificial limbs and will have their walking, strength and balance tested.

The study is part of The Center for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine, a research collaboration between the VA Medical Center, Brown University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For more information or to volunteer, phone Beverly Medeiros at (401) 273-7100, ext. 2429.

The second study seeks to learn more about the experiences of soldiers injured in Iraq or Afghanistan who have returned to life in New England. The study is led by Dr. Linda Resnik, a research health scientist and physical therapist at the VA Medical Center. Resnik has clinical responsibilities in the amputee clinic and works closely with faculty at Brown's Center for Gerontology and Health Care Research.

Study participants will take part in either a discussion group or an interview lasting from 60 to 90 minutes in which they will talk about the challenges they have faced since returning home, how they cope with daily life and the ways their lives have changed.

Participants will receive $20.

To volunteer or for more information, phone Resnik at (401) 273-7100, ext. 2368, or (401) 863-9214.


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