Sunday, December 31, 2006

Shaffer's family planning funeral

Shaffer's family planning funeral

The parents and relatives of a Mont Alto soldier who died this week from injuries sustained during combat in Iraq last month expect to return home this weekend to finish planning the soldier's funeral arrangements.
Sgt. Edward W. Shaffer, 24, died Wednesday at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, six weeks after being severely burned by an explosion

Sgt. Edward W. Shaffer- both hands, foot- deceased

Friday, December 29, 2006

Charity golf for troops catches on

Charity golf for troops catches on
Founder striving for nationwide event
Pioneer Press
In the war on terrorism, James "J.B." Ball wants to be the ultimate golf caddy.
Ball, of Savage, founded Tee It Up for the Troops, a nonprofit organization that raises money for wounded soldiers and their families.
His goal is to make the Friday prior to every Sept. 11 a "national day of golf," featuring dozens of charitable tournaments held simultaneously across the country.
Melissa Stockwell

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pa. soldier dies of wounds weeks after being injured in Iraq

Pa. soldier dies of wounds weeks after being injured in Iraq
28 December 2006
Associated Press Newswires

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. (AP) - A soldier from Pennsylvania who was wounded in Iraq in November has died, according to his family.
Sgt. Edward W. Shaffer, 24, of Mont Alto, died Wednesday afternoon at Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas, six weeks after being severely burned in an explosion, said his grandfather Edward Shaffer.


American Returns to Iraq

American Returns to Iraq
Dec. 28, 2006 — "World News" profiled a range of individuals during 2006 who are finding ways to benefit others in the United States and abroad. We caught up with a few of those featured and have these updates as they are named "Persons of the Year."
Maj. David Rozelle
We met then-Capt. David Rozelle back in March at Walter Reade Hospital. He lost his foot after a 2003 mine explosion blew off the front end of his Humvee.

David Rozelle


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bush visits injured Bay soldier

Bush visits injured Bay soldier
December 27, 2006
President, first lady check in on Joshua Cope’s recovery
By Andy Meinen News Herald Writer 747-5089 /
During the past few weeks, several special visitors came to see Sgt. Joshua Cope in his hospital room at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
Professional basketball player Alonzo Mourning, the first lady and the president of the United States have stopped by to visit with the wounded veteran from Panama City Beach.
“He (President George W. Bush) said, ‘I’m so, so sorry’ with tears in his eyes as he left,” said Cope’s mother, Linda. “They (the Bushes) are the humblest people.”
Joshua Cope - both legs

Dad Returns From Iraq As Amputee-- Video

Dad Returns From Iraq As Amputee
Veteran Glad To Be Home For Christmas

CHICAGO -- One local soldier who served in Iraq was able to come home for the holidays but at a steep price.
NBC5's Chandra Cooper reported on Christmas that Sergio Lopez, a father of two and now a double amputee, was home following a difficult journey back from Iraq.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

MITCH ALBOM: What it truly means to stand up

MITCH ALBOM: What it truly means to stand up
December 24, 2006
The last time Robbie Doughty saw his legs, he was riding in a Humvee on a lonely road in Iraq. There had been problems in that area before, and his unit was on the lookout for problems now. Sometimes you get lucky and can spot something suspicious. An old tire. An animal carcass. Anything that could hide a bomb.
"But we didn't see anything," Doughty says now. "It just kind of happened."


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Iraq's wounded veterans learn to live with new disabilities
23 December 2006
Agence France Presse
Copyright Agence France-Presse, 2006 All reproduction and presentation rights reserved.
WASHINGTON, Dec 23, 2006 (AFP) -
Daniel Alderman keeps telling himself it could be worse as he learns to live with his new artificial limb at the hospital in Washington that tends to maimed US soldiers from Iraq.
"It could always be worse, you could be in Arlington, you know what I mean?," he tells a visitor, referring to the national cemetery outside the US capital.

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Amputee War Veteran's 'Fahrenheit' Suit Dismissed

Amputee War Veteran's 'Fahrenheit' Suit Dismissed
Man claimed was was portrayed as anti-war
December 22, 2006Last Modified December 22 2006, 8:31 AM PST -->

Michael Moore
The heat's off "Fahrenheit 9/11" filmmaker Michael Moore ... for now.On Wednesday (Dec. 20), a U.S. federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by a national guardsman who claims he never gave permission for his image to be used in the incendiary documentary, reports Reuters.Sgt. Peter Damon had originally sued Moore for $35 million claiming that his footage was used out of context to portray him as anti-war, when in fact he supports the Bush administration's war policies. Miramax Films, NBC and Lions Gate Entertainment were also named in the suit for cause his "loss of reputation, emotional distress, embarrassment, and personal humiliation."

Sgt. Peter Damon

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Profile: American vets who lost limbs in war discover skiing

Profile: American vets who lost limbs in war discover skiing
21 December 2006
CBS News: The Early Show

On the "CBS Evening News with Katie Couric" Wednesday we showed you how some of the hundreds of American troops who have lost limbs in action have found new adventures skiing. Well, this morning we have much more on these brave vets finding new lives on the slopes and beyond.
As part of his mountain training during his 17 years in the Marine Corps, William "Spanky" Gibson had been on cross country skis a couple of times, but that was before the war in Iraq.
Mr. SPANKY GIBSON (Lost a Leg in Iraq): I was walking on the patrol and then a sniper ended up--just dropped me in the middle of the street. Got me right in the kneecap and put me down.

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Soldier home after mine blast horror

Soldier home after mine blast horror
21 December 2006
The Cornishman

A christmas with his family in West Cornwall is something that one brave soldier did not expect to see after being involved in an horrific minefield incident in Afghanistan.
L Cpl Dorian Craig, aged 26 and a para-trained medic with the Royal Army Medical Corps, is now safely at home near Penzance enjoying Christmas with his family but feared the worst after he was hit by a mine blast while going to assist injured comrades.
He suffered life-threatening injuries including a collapsed lung.
At the time he had run out of medical supplies and had to tell a


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Woodcarvers turn knives to creating unique canes for wounded troops

Woodcarvers turn knives to creating unique canes for wounded troops
The Dispatch of Lexington
20 December 2006

LEXINGTON, N.C. (AP) - Everything changed for Army Pfc. Phillip Bauer on Nov. 2, 2003, when his Chinook helicopter was hit by a surface-to-air missile and crashed near Fallujah, Iraq, killing 15 American servicemen and injuring 25 others.
Bauer, a scout with the 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment, had his right leg amputated below the knee after the single deadliest attack on U.S. troops in Iraq since the beginning of the war.
Each of the soldiers on the helicopter had been granted temporary leave from Iraq and were headed home for a two-week break to rest and see loved ones. The helicopter made the crash landing after being hit by the missile on the way to Baghdad International Airport. Bauer was going to Lyons, N.Y., to see his wife and their four children.
As of September, Bauer was one of 725 war amputees from Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center's Web site.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Answers don't come easy for war amputee

Answers don't come easy for war amputee

17 December 2006
Times Union

TUPPER LAKE - The children of L.P. Quinn Elementary School were shy about asking Army Spc. Joshua Jones about his time in Iraq.
But then Jones lifted his pants leg to reveal a new prosthetic leg, prompting a boy to blurt out, "Did you get your leg back?"
Jones has had some difficult questions of his own since returning from the war zone, and he continues to search for answers. On June 9, an improvised explosive device tore into the Humvee he was in, severely injuring the Tupper Lake native. His right leg was amputated below the knee and his maimed left leg was operated on several times at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio.