Saturday, May 03, 2008

Life shattered in Iraq pieced back together

Life shattered in Iraq pieced back together

Military veteran amputee, Derek McGinnis, runs at East La Loma Park in Modesto, Saturday morning, May 3, 2008. (Bart Ah You/The Modesto Bee)
Modesto Bee

A newborn cried in the night. Before mom could stir, Derek McGinnis swung out of bed. When his only leg touched the floor, he let it bend until he lowered himself to the floor in a sitting position.

Using his arms and rear end, he scooted to his son Sean's crib, pulled himself up and balanced on his leg. He gently picked up his child and then carefully bent his leg until he sat again. Dad cradled and comforted his son while mom rested.

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